About us

Since its founding in 2013, NBSG Data Process Solutions (DPS) has remained faithful to its guarantee to deliver the conversion services, editorial services, web services, graphics services, ePub services, custom application development services based on a rich legacy of superior customization and exceptional quality. DPS is a growing organization that currently operates one of the most advanced facilities of its kind, with extensive capabilities to capture data almost from any format.

Apart from that, DPS provides typesetting and prepress services to the world’s leading Scientific, Medical, Legal and Professional Publishers.

Over the years our experience and dedication to quality have enabled us to become one of the top prepress services providers to the publishing industry.

They choose us because we put their needs first. We believe that our highly innovative process, technology, and multi-skilled workforce, makes us the most capable and flexible provider in the global publishing industry.

Excellence is our tradition. As a prepress service provider company, we take pride in being an industry leader in desktop publishing. With expert layouts and meticulous accuracy, our highly skilled staff strive for excellence with on-time deliveries. Our top leaders having experience in this industry of over 13 years produces STM Journals, Books, elementary, high school, college, medical, and professional textbooks using the latest versions of all of the popular page make-up software programs on both Macs and PCs including Quark Xpress with PowerMath , Adobe Indesign, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, XML, TeX/LaTeX, Microsoft Word. We have expertise in converting information from old paper files, books, journals, hand-written forms and address labels to DIGITAL FORMAT or convert it to any format preferred by you.

We design template layouts and content structures. We take care of data conversion, page production, copyediting and all aspects of e-publishing including XML, XHTML and e-book requirements. We follow the standard process and prepress workflow management to ensure that we delivered the quality output on time.

We are converting any format you have to any format you need

  • Document and Data Conversion Services
  • eBook Services
  • Editorial Services
  • Conversion Management
  • Web Services
  • Graphics Services
  • Custom Application Development Services
  • Arabic Conversion

Uncompromised Quality 100% of the Time!

Recognized as an Industry Leader − One of the fastest growing BPO/KPO organization with a world-class delivery center in India. DPS is an organization that prides itself on quality.

Specializing in highly complex projects, our exceptional people coupled with sophisticated technology and proven methodology position DPS as the leader in providing uncompromised quality 100% of the time.


We do not compromise on quality by preparing a workflow and CHECKLIST as per client specification for every process like data entry, tagging, pagination, proofreading, crxn1, PR2, crxn2, QC, QA also for uploading files on FTP. Our process ensures perfect quality achieved with 100% TAT.


Our R&D team is available to design customized automated processes, software, and data migration tools upon request. We have prepared the automated conversion tools and Macros for DOC/LaTeX/HTML/XML conversions, image processing, and Copyediting. which can convert the text files to XML files. This tool converts approximately 85% of data to XML using project-specific DTD. These tools and technologies help us to handle wide volume fluctuations and enhance the speed at which we can process these volumes.


Our XML conversion experts do the remaining conversion of XML files. This team also validates the documents and does the quality check using QC Checklist.


Using various QC tools and QC Checklist this team gives 99.98% accuracy at conversion level.


We use the automated tool to compare the final XML file or output file with the original PDF or TIFF file. Using Document Comparison tool, data deletion or additional data insertion can be spotted. So that we can assure our clients quality they needed.


Our FMS allows constant monitoring of the project and ensures increased efficiency.

Our three deeply rooted value systems

  • We put Employees First, empowering them to believe in everyday ideas that create immense value for our customers.
  • Our fixation on Value Centricity is dedicated to delivering more value for our clients, putting their interests ahead of ours and delivering value that goes beyond the contract.
  • Our belief in Trust, Transparency, and Flexibility drives us to step into our customers’ business reality, guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm.

What DPS Provides

  • Scalable and extensible architectures that support 24/7 business availability for global customers as it reduces development cycles and risks to a minimum
  • Time and cost-effective customized applications that help organizations address functional gaps and achieve business goals effectively
  • A comprehensive set of application management services including maintenance, re-engineering, migration, and testing
  • The right tools, methodologies, and templates for your enterprise’s needs, combined with world-class knowledge and experience
  • Tools and strategies that help enterprises optimize systems and improve system performance

Business Value

    • Greater flexibility for growth
    • Reduced system downtime
    • Enhanced performance
    • Increased freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives
    • Accelerated business processes
    • Reduced business cycle times
    • Higher performance
    • Increased flexibility
    • Enhanced responsiveness and quality of service
    • Greater productivity

Our reputation is built on it!