Other Services

DPS  provides comprehensive document and data conversion services, customizing as per clients’ requirements. We can convert documents in any format including LATEX, XML, SGML, HTML / XHTML, PDF and many more. Further, we have stringent quality check processes to ensure accuracy.
Our document conversion services include:

  • PDF Conversion
  • LATEX / SGML / XML Conversion
  • HTML / X-HTML Conversion

PDF Conversion

DPS has been an undoubted leader so far in the field of document industry with the most advanced paper to electronic document services available. It brings flexibility and a range of options in PDF Conversion for Brochures, news letters, magazines, books, articles, manuals, web publications and much more.
In PDF Conversion we rely on:

  • Quality control of every image
  • Our files are consistent as well as small.
  • Our PDF files are optimized for target applications, with critical fonts as applicable and image interactivity.
  • DPS has the nag of delivering its Projects, especially the PDF ones on exact time and with accuracy.

SGML / XML Conversion

DPS is the best choice for your SGML encoding projects. We offer best-in-quality and a fast turn-around time with our vast experience of handling different types of data entry and data conversion projects. Our R&D division is working constantly to provide customized and efficient solution for any SGML coding requirements.
We convert SGML from input sources as listed below:

  • Word to SGML/XML
  • Hard copy to SGML/XML

Beside these services, we also provide SGML conversion services from hard copies like: Books, Paper documents, Catalogs, Magazines, Manuscripts, Any type of Images like JPG, TIF or BMP, Microfilms and Microfiches. We also support conversion of Quark and In Design files to SGML.

HTML / X-HTML Conversion

DPS has vast experience of completing various data conversion projects and our professionals are ready to handle any volume and challenges.

We can handle any input format to convert into HTML / XHTML format. Our data conversion experts are able to provide you customized HTML / XHTML coding services, with conversion of your content in to HTML / XHTML files, you can publish it online and get global coverage. We can help you to capture more business across the world by publishing your marketing material on the internet.

We provides HTML / XHTML conversion services from many formats as listed below:

  • PDF to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • Text to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • Word to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • XML to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • PSD to HTML / XHTML conversion

Document Services

Our well-trained professionals are capable to handle any type of complex and huge voluminous document OCR conversion project. We have the latest software and proven methods in place to provide you the most efficient OCR recognition services.

DPS offers the following services under OCR :

  • PDF OCR Service
  • Document OCR or Image OCR / Tiff OCR Service
  • Zone OCR or Zonal OCR Service
  • Forms OCR Service
  • Book OCR Service
  • Newspaper OCR Service

Indexing Services

We adopt proven methods or process in indexing, categorization, information retrieval, archiving, and document conversion with our team of experienced professionals.

Our Document Indexing Services include :

  • Document Scanning
  • Document and Information Retrieval
  • Document Archiving
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Categorization
  • Full Text Indexing
  • Data Conversion

Document Indexing Process :

These vital information fields are captured in Indexing process by the use of any one or all of the methods mentioned below :

Zone OCR / Zonal OCR
We use zone OCR/zonal OCR method for printed, typewritten and good quality images with a uniform format for indexing, information retrieval and categorization purposes.

Manual Data Entry
We use manual data entry method for handwritten, typewritten, printed and poor quality images with inconsistent format for indexing, information retrieval and categorization purposes.

We offer highly digitalized scanning and comprehensive data entry services including data processing, data conversion, data mining and data extraction.


We at DPS fulfills all your scanning requirements, be it converting large records or files or regular scanning of company documents/books. We not only use advanced document imaging solutions, but also index these documents in an easily searchable and accessible electronic formats.

Hardcopy documents that were difficult to handle and skim through, are made easily retriable by DPS , helping you save space and time and giving you the flexibility to locate the documents at the click of a mouse.

We specialize in scanning of large volume of documents by using high quality, high speed scanners, and have qualified and experienced staff for the preparation and scanning of documents and reducing the total cost of digitization to our clients.

DPS  follows proven document scanning process with strict quality controls in each step of the process described below :

Document preparation for scanning

Our experienced staff prepares the documents before scanning and follows these steps :

  • Batch stamping and numbering
  • Binding removal, staples pins and clips removal
  • Back-fold folded document corners
  • Repair damaged documents with transparent tapes

Document scanning

Data Process Solution has a wide range of high-speed scanners to handle any type of documents with sizes up to A3. We also have standard scanning software that focuses on quality and performs online image corrections like brightness, image orientation, noise balance etc. We can produce images in any preferred format like PDF, Tiff or Jpg.

Delivery of scanned Images

After proper quality and audit checks, scanned images are delivered through any preferred media like FTP upload, DVD or hard drives.

Document purge or return

After satisfactory feedback, document will be purged if instructed or returned to customer in the same condition, if required.

Indexing of scanned documents

All scanned documents can be indexed manually as per client specification and requirement with 99.99% accuracy. Please refer to our document indexing service for more details.

Microfilm Scanning Service

We are equipped with the latest high-speed microfilm scanning equipment. We can scan microfilms with up to 600 DPI and with better results than the original film quality. Final images can be delivered in any preferred formats like PDF, Tiff or Jpg. Final output also can be provided in searchable PDF, text, word or XML / HTML / SGML format. We support and process 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm.

Microfiche Scanning Service

We provide cost effective and fast microfiche scanning services with the use of high speed scanners, and have a 24/7 operation. We support and process all types of microfiche formats whether it is Jacketed, COM, 35 mm or 105 mm fiches. Our proven quality controls at each step give you the best quality output ever.

Indexing or full text conversion services are also available after microfiche scanning. About 99.99% accuracy is guaranteed on all your data conversion requirements. Please refer our data entry services for more details.

Aperture Card Scanning Service

Highly efficient aperture card scanning service can be provided with the help of our experienced technician and state-of-the art equipment. Your drawings will be converted from aperture cards with an extensive quality control process. Punched (Hollerith) cards can be indexed automatically and manual indexing can be done for non-punched cards. Additional information also can be captured from drawings, if required. Data can be delivered on DVD or secure FTP uploads.



DPS is a specialised name in data conversion domain for more than 3 years, providing document scanning, data entry and other varied data processing services.

We offer accurate and reliable data entry services at an affordable price range. We provide customised solutions, fulfilling data entry requirements for market research studies or direct mail programs, or to assist an organisation to shift towards a paperless environment. Our tailor-made products include manual data entry processes to automated data services such as OCR and scanning.

We are able to provide the following specialised data entry services:

  • Enrollment forms
  • Inquiry and interest forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Invoice forms
  • Mailing lists
  • Product order forms
  • Product and warranty registrations
  • Survey and questionnaire forms

The end product is also transmitted through secure FTP platforms or as email attachments. Further, the output could be in the form of a Microsoft Word (all versions), Microsoft Excel (all versions) or HTML format.