Prepress & Data Conversion

DPS provides expert content services and innovative technology solutions that drive revenue growth, streamline operations, and ensure editorial excellence.

To define Prepress, it is the process through which a document should pass through before it is printed. There are several steps involved in the Prepress process such as editing, pagination, roof reading, scanning, color separation, layout, and other text and graphics related functions. In the same way, Typesetting is the process of presenting the text in the graphical layout. However, when it comes to digital prepress and typesetting, the process becomes exceptionally intricate since there are minutest details pertaining to text and graphic layout, formatting, color formation, and other features that should be taken care of.

How DPS Can Help in Digital Prepress and Typesetting?

DPS boasts an expert team of professionals who diligently undergo and process every step involved in digital prepress and typesetting. We have an experienced team of professional proofreaders, quality control experts, and proofreaders who ensure that your content is absolutely error-free and in perfect layout and formatting before it goes to print. To ensure this, we work closely with the author, associate, or publisher in identifying even the minutest of discrepancies and errors that might have crept into the process of digital prepress and typesetting. Right from proof reading the manuscript to the final delivery, we handle it all in the most effective manner.

Our expert professionals have successfully accomplished even the most complex prepress and typesetting projects for technical, academic, or medical books; dictionary, encyclopedia, directory, and catalogue; and journals related to education, medical, technical, science, social science and humanities. We can accurately typeset books in different languages such as English, Swedish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, or other European languages.

Prepress Services at DPS :

Our excellent production capabilities incorporate an extensive range of Prepress services as mentioned herewith:

  • Page production
  • Scanning
  • Media conversion
  • Image redrawing
  • Illustration creation
  • Optical Character Reading
  • Text conversion
  • Proof reading
  • Electronic file production for web, print, eBook or others
  • Book/copy editing
  • Keyboarding services

Typesetting Services at DPS :

At DPS , we work on different platforms for content composition, depending on the dynamics and complexity of the project. Our expert team of typesetters has the proficiency to handle virtually any form of artwork such as charts, digital illustration, map, graphs, chemical structure, and redraws. DPS has the expertise in the functioning of the below mentioned pagination software:

  • Latex/Tex – The tool is used to handle texts that involve critical mathematical equations.
  • Framemaker – Used for processing non-mathematical text pagination and academic titles for structured workflow and plain text.
  • QuarkXPress – It is used for typesetting simple text as well as heavily illustrated and designed multi-color texts.
  • 3B2 – It is used to typeset content or book that has XML as input source.
  • Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop – This is used as a part of creating or scanning to process the image that complements with the textual content and design of the book.